Essay Writing Tips For Constructing a Five Paragraph Essay

Essay writing has a classic format for composing essay which is the five paragraph essay format. This not only serves as the format for writing an essay but is a significant model that you must keep in mind when you are beginning to develop your essay writing skills. We have jotted down some vital information and material from a handout that will guide you in essay writing. So carefully read all the information and apply it once you are done reading the blog.

Measures to consider when writing an essay:

  • Start with an introductory paragraph and introduce your essay topic to the audience.
  • Include thesis statement, this will serve as an outline of your essay and will explain the reader that what the essay is all about.
  • Collect information that is relevant to your writing and include that in your essay.
  • Read articles and blogs that tell you how to write an essay, do your research and jot down all the crucial and relevant points to construct an essay.
  • Essay topic selection is very important, think of topics on which material is easily available, recheck the topic on the internet and search your library to find out that enough material is available.
  • Give a body to your essay, include past studies and offer evidence to the reader so as to make your study authentic.
  • Give proper arguments to the past studies and explain your point of view to the reader.
  • Conclude your essay with a sound message, this should be a summary of your writing; explain what you have achieved and what has been discovered by writing this piece of work.

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Essay Writing Tips

Essay Writing Must Include Proper Justifications

Your writing must include proper justification of your research and study. There must not be any deviation and you should stick to the basics. Including a relevant introduction is the first thing you should encounter. Think of creating interest and develop ideas that could gel the reader’s interest into the essay.

Essay Must Also Have a Body Containing Evidence And Arguments

The body of your study must be broken down into three paragraphs i.e. Body – first paragraph, second and third paragraph. The first para must contain the strongest argument and should give the significant examples of past studies in essay writing. This para should relate to the topic of your essay and will be considered as the evidence by past researchers. The next body paragraph should include relevant illustration if that is available and should offer evidence in terms of a figure or illustration. And lastly the third body paragraph should offer a follow up to the first para of the essay.

Writing The Conclusion or Summarizing Your Work

This part will be a restatement of the thesis outline. The conclusion serves as a summary of the first three points of the writing. You must give the reader a thought at the end of the work. You must give your writing a final statement that offers the reader an idea that the writing has come to an end.